is a versatile, easy to apply,
effective waterproofing compound
suitable for Residential and Industrial projects.

Versatile. Easy to Apply. Effective Waterproofing.

BULLDOGSEAL Waterproofing is a highly effective waterproofing compound that contains special fibres to ensure bridging properties without use of re-enforcing membranes. The binder in BULLDOGSEAL is a highly flexible acrylic compound that has been proven for its weather and water resistance for up to 10 years.

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On non-porous surfaces like corrugated metal roofs, BULLDOGSEAL is applied as a one step system – normally by means of a brush. On porous surfaces, for example concrete, it is advisable to pre-dilute some BULLDOGSEAL with an equal amount of water and apply as a primer, followed by undiluted BULLDOGSEAL.

As BULLDOGSEAL exhibits bridging properties, it may also be used in non-waterproofing applications such as cracks in wall surfaces, porous building blocks, wooden fascias and the reparation of spalled areas.


  • I have been repairing reservoirs, troughs and roofs for a few years with BULLDOGSEAL and I have only had good results.
    Ep Scholtz, Hollebak, Doornbaai
  • Five years ago I started using BULLDOGSEAL on roofs and reservoirs on our farm and it has worked so well that I regularly do waterproofing work for the other farmers
    Reyno Snyman, Plaas Lamotte Viljoenskroon