Other Applications

Wall, Brick & Block Applications including sealing stone, porous concrete, brickwork and masonry.

Crack Repair. BULLDOGSEAL may also be used to seal cracks in wall surfaces.

Timber Applications include wooden fascias, window frames, log and timber clad homes, as well as fencing and doors. BULLDOGSEAL is corrosion resistant for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Instructions For Use

1. Remove old waterproofing and/or paint.
2. Clean surfaces with a scraper. Wipe surfaces clean with a damp cloth.
3. Apply BULLDOGSEAL at a rate of 1 square metre per litre.
4. For a smoother finish, use a damp paint brush over the coated surfaces.
5. May be overcoated with good quality water-based paint to the required colour.

Sealing stone, porous concrete, brickwork and masonry:

  1. Remove old paint and loose material with a wire brush. Remove dust by brushing with a wet paintbrush.
  2. Remove old waterproofing.
  3. Clean surfaces with a wire brush. Using a hose pipe, spray wall with clean water.
  4. Dilute BULLDOGSEAL 1:1 with water and apply as a primer.
  5. Allow to become touch-dry.
  6. Paint one coat of BULLDOGSEAL at 1 litre per square metre.
  7. When dry, it may be over-coated with normal wall finishes, although it is not necessary.

  1. Remove old paint and loose material with a wire brush.
  2. Remove dust by brushing with wet paintbrush.
  3. Small cracks (< 2mm): may simply be painted over (dampen brush afterwards with clean water and use this to smooth the surfaces if required).
  4. Large cracks (> 2mm): mix BULLDOGSEAL with clean fine plaster sand to form a stiff paste. Fill cracks using a flat-ended scraper. Allow to dry for 2 hours. Over-coat with neat BULLDOGSEAL compound.

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