Case study

Repair of the corrugated iron roof of the historic FNB building in Adderley Street, Cape Town. This building was the last building designed by Sir Herbert Baker in South Africa.

FNB appointed Vestocorp (Pty) Ltd as contractor for a large renovation project to the FNB Adderley Street. As this is a heritage building special care needs to be taken and rules adhered to. The project includes the repair of the existing corrugated iron roof consisting of approximately 400 sqm. As the contractor has made use of Bulldog seal on other similar projects, they ordered grey Bulldog Seal to use on the roof.

Contractor painting on the primer which is Bulldog Seal diluted water – 50/50.

This is followed by 2 coats of full strength Bulldog Seal, painted on by a paintbrush.

The roof was first thoroughly cleaned and all visible damages repaired. There are 5 main areas where the bulldog is used.

  1. Roof screws
    Bulldog is used to cover and seal the roof screws
  2. Roof sheeting overlaps
  3. Ridges
  4. Box gutter currently sealed with Bitumen torch on sheeting that was damaged in some areas. Bulldog Seal can be used in conjunction with the Bitumen torch on sheeting where you may find cracks or the sheeting has torn or pulled away from the concrete.
  5. Flashings