Roof and related applications / Keep water and dampness out.

Use BULLDOGSEAL to waterproof and repair your roof and adjacent structures.

BULLDOGSEAL is suitable for use on most roof types, including tiles, corrugated iron sheeting, asbestos roof sheeting, shingles and concrete as well as parapet walls, flashings, ridges. Use BULLDOGSEAL around your chimney or skylights. You can even repair cracks in your concrete roofing or walls.

Before replacing your roof, consider using BULLDOGSEAL. In many occasions our customers have saved allot of money and inconvenience by painting their roof with BULLDOGSEAL instead of replacing the whole roof. For example, a guesthouse in Hout Bay was advised by a contractor to replace a large section of the roof of their establishment. Their Handyman who has often worked with BULLDOGSEAL overheard this and recommended that the management first try repairing the roof with BULLDOGSEAL at a fraction of the cost the roof was repaired and the customer very happy.

Please refer to our case study: Tarragonna, for further details.


Instructions For Use

  1. Remove old waterproofing.
  2. Clean surfaces with a wire brush. Wash surfaces with clean water.
  3. Gently knock in roof screws. If loose, replace with a longer roof screw.
  4. Using a small brush (50mm), paint generously over all roof screws, laps in the sheeting and around the pipes. On tiled roofs, paint the joints between the ridge tiles and repair broken tiles by painting onto the broken edges and re-positioning them; then paint over.
  5. For unpainted asbestos roofs, dilute BULLDOGSEAL 1:1 with water and apply as a primer.


Estimated usage: 0,5 litre per square metre roof area.

  1. Remove old waterproofing.
  2. Clean surfaces with wire brush. Wash surfaces with clean water.
  3. Dilute BULLDOGSEAL 1:1 with water and apply as a primer.
  4. Paint two coats of BULLDOGSEAL at 1 litre per square metre. Paint one coat in one direction, and a second coat in a crosswise direction.
  5. Where roof meets wall at parapet, turn waterproofing up for 100mm to form a cove between the roof and wall by applying BULLDOGSEAL thickly (10mm) in the corner. If parapet shows cracks, BULLDOGSEAL may be used as a sealer for these cracks.
  6. Dress waterproofing in all outlets and around pipes, etc.


Estimated usage: 1 litre per square metre roof area.

  1. Surface preparation is very important. Clean and repair surfaces as required prior to application.
  2. Apply using a good quality paint brush. Do not use Rollers. For large areas, block brushes or soft brooms can be used. Wash brushes immediately after use.
  3. New galvanizes metal must be prepared with a grease cutting solvent
  4. When sealing parapet walls paint BULLDOGSEAL onto the top of the parapet wall and approximately 100mm down the sides if possible.
  5. Apply BULLDOGSEAL generously.
  6. It is advisable to spray a roof with a hosepipe to pinpoint leaks. One person should checks in the ceiling while the other one checks the ceiling. Note: Spray slowly from the lowest point to the highest point. Once a leak has been sealed and allowed to cure for 24 hours it may be sprayed again to check the effectiveness.
  7. BULLDOGSEAL has strong adhesive properties.