Water retaining applications

Water is a precious commodity and we want to retain and save every drop possible. BULLDOGSEAL is an effective solution for reparation and waterproofing of cement dams, water drinking through for animals, fountains and ponds. BULLDOGSEAL has been effectively used in ponds that contain fish and is not harmful to fish if used as directed.

Important: When sealing damp walls it is important to always seal the exterior surfaces.

Instructions For Use

  1. Remove old waterproofing.
  2. Clean surfaces with a wire brush. Wash surfaces with clean water.
  3. Dilute BULLDOGSEAL 1:1 with water and apply as a primer.
  4. Paint two coats of BULLDOGSEAL at 1 litre per square metre.
  5. Paint one coat in one direction, and a second coat in a crosswise direction.
  6. Allow 3 days to dry before filling with water. Should foaming occur in the water, only partially fill with water and rinse well before removing water. Rinse well (in particular for fish ponds) until foam is no longer evident. Re-fill as required.

  1. Surface preparation is very important. Clean and repair surfaces as required prior to application. See other applications for crack repair instructions.
  2. When sealing damp walls it is important to always seal the exterior surfaces. Ensure surfaces are dry prior to application.
  3. Apply using a good quality paint brush. Do not use Rollers. For large areas, block brushes can be used. Wash brushes immediately after use.
  4. Apply BULLDOGSEAL generously.
  5. BULLDOGSEAL can be over-coated with your choice of PVA paints to match the rest of your walls.

Enquire About Applications

Enquire About Applications